IMC Students' Forum - Membership Form

IMC Students’ Forum Membership

The Indian Merchants’ Chamber has taken up an initiative in setting up an IMC Students’ Forum for the personal development of students who are future leaders. Prof. Manju Nichani is appointed Chairperson of the ‘Forum’.

The objective of the Forum is to be achieved in three ways:

  1. Bimonthly lecture series - to hold two lectures per month for college and management institute students

  2. Mentorship program - encourage CEOs/CMDs/ and other senior level executives to mentor one student for one day in a year

  3. IMC will invite you for various programs.

College/Management Institute students can become members of the Forum by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 100/- (Students’ Forum membership) or Rs. 200/- (Students’ Forum membership plus usage of IMC Reference Library) per annum, payable in advance. 

Students desirous of taking up membership can fill up the attached form and send it along with payment to Mr. Sanjiv Gaitonde, Deputy Director or Ms. Sayed Nikhat, Senior Manager, IMC.

Registration will be done at IMC Office, Churchgate.

For further details, contact:


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