IMC Anti-Corruption Cell

IMC guidelines to members to banish corruption:
1. Corruption starts from bribe-giver. Do not pay bribes.
2. Don’t tolerate corruption in any form in the life of your family members and friends.
3. Don’t abet in corruption in your company and association.
4. Inspire and influence people around to live a clean life.
5. Involve service organizations like the Rotary and Lions Clubs to launch public campaigns against corruption.
6. Don’t accept , but speak out against spurious and adulterated products.
7. Insist on taking receipts when you purchase any goods from shops.
8. Don’t vote for corrupt, dubious poll candidates and political parties.
9. Try to correct the systems by plugging loopholes so that corruption is curbed.

IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry has set up an Anti-Corruption Cell with a view to interacting with members on corruption related issues. Members may send in their complaints related to corruption to to be forwarded to the Cell.