About F.E Dinshaw Commercial & Financial Reference Library

The F.E Dinshaw Commercial & Financial Reference Library was established in 1967, as part of the Diamond Jubliee Celebrations of the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The library was set up to perpetuate the memory of Shri. F.E Dinshaw, a leading industrialist who made a very valuable contribution to the development of steel and cement industries of India.

The Library provides selective and up-to-date source materials on major economic, commercial and other developments in India and abroad. These can be made available for reference, to the users who need such information who are not only the members of the IMC, but also to the business community, students and the public at large.

Institutional members of the IMC can utilise the library facilities free of charge. For others, library access is as per the applicable minimum library charges. In keeping with the major objective of the library, i.e. to function as a commercial reference library, it has a collection of books, journals, newspapers, reports, directories, pamphlets etc.

The library has been recently re-organized on modern lines, and has introduced computerization, to help users to find required information with speed and accuracy.

Features of the Library:-

  • Air-conditioned Library
  • Comfortable Seating Arrangement
  • Reference Library having 5,000Books on International Trade, Banking, Finance, Economics, Law etc.
  • Collection of Directories – Indian and International
  • Collection of more than 200 CDs
  • Special collection of Books on Mumbai City
  • Collection on Handloom related books
  • Photocopying Facility
  • Library Facility open for all – IMC Members and Non- Members

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