Training & Seminars

Each year, for the past several years, IMC organizes courses in Arbitration wherein invaluable guidance and knowledge is imparted along with tips on practical aspects to the participants. Advocates, Counsel, in house legal advisors, members of the different industrial faculties and even Arbitrators have attended and benefited from these courses.

This year, IMC conducted two courses. The first course was in the month of January 2008 comprising of two days with one session on each day. The second course being a detailed course on various aspects of the Arbitral Law was held in the months of June and July comprising of 13 sessions spread over a period of 8 days.

Contents and topics of these courses are prepared after careful consideration by a specially designated task force of the IMC Court of Arbitration & Conciliation Committee that consists of practicing Counsel, Solicitors and Advocates namely Mr. Ketan Parikh, Mr. Gautam Mehta, Ms. Renu Parekh, Mr. Bhavesh Punjwani and Ms. Hemani Jharia. The topics range right from an introduction and history of arbitration, passing of awards, relevance of arbitration as alternate dispute resolution, role of arbitrators and advisors, conduct of arbitrators and proceedings, discussions on recent judgments to post awards issues.

Prominent Senior Counsel, Advocates, Solicitors and Arbitrators are the main speakers at the sessions. An Associate Speaker usually a Counsel, Advocate or Solicitor ably assists the senior speaker by assisting in research and preparation of material on the topic. Each session concludes with an interactive session between the speakers and the participants.

Some of our speakers in past years: (Names appear in alphabetical order) 

Main Speakers:

Mr. Anant Shinde, Advocate
Mr. Atul Desai, Solicitor
Mr. D. M. Popat, Senior Solicitor
Mr. Darius Khambata, Senior Counsel
Mr. Edul Bharucha, Senior Counsel
Mr. Fredun De Vitre, Senior Counsel
Mr. Iqbal Chagla, Senior Counsel
Mr. Janak Dwarkadas, Senior Counsel
Mr. Milind Sathe, Senior Counsel
Mr. Rafique Dada, Senior Counsel
Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Counsel
Ms. Rajni Iyer, Senior Counsel
Mr.Rashmikant C., Solicitor
Mr. Rohit Kapadia, Senior Counsel
Mr. Saleh Doctor, Senior Counsel
Mr. S.P. Bharucha, Chief Justice (Retired)
Mr. S. U. Kamdar, Counsel

Associate Speakers:

Mr. Arif Doctor, Counsel
Mr. Bhavesh Panjuani, Solicitor
Mr. Cyrus Ardeshir, Counsel
Mr. Farhan Dubhash, Counsel
Mr. Kirti Munshi, Counsel
Mr. Lyn Pereira, Counsel
Ms. Manjari Shah, Counsel
Ms. Minal Sampat, Advocate
Mr. Naushad Engineer, Counsel
Mr. Rishabh Shah, Counsel
Mr. Sarosh Bharucha - Counsel
Mr. Shailesh Kalambi, Advocate
Mr. Sharan Jagtiani, Counsel
Mr. Shaunak Thacker, Counsel
Mr. Phiroze Palkiwala, Counsel
Ms. Tanu Mehta, Counsel
Mr. Yash Kapadia, Counsel