About Membership

A premier chamber of commerce, it is situated in the heart of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.

Its rich legacy of 100 years combines a deep-rooted & broad national perspective with a global vision.

Its collective outlook receives attention from the government as well as non-government agencies &
organizations. .

It strives to make Indian business more competitive by helping businesspeople imbibe practices and
techniques towards optimizing costs, increasing efficiency, opting for creative innovation and
practical investment strategy. .

The Chamber looks upon the task of integrating the Indian economy with the international mainstream
– a compulsory requirement under the WTO dispensation – as its prime function. .

The IMC is the first accredited business representative body of Trade, Commerce and Industry in India, to
receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification from KPMG-Quality Registrar of USA. .

It creates public awareness and invites public opinion through seminars and conferences. The Chamber
also publishes research papers to educate the authorities and the layman alike. .

The Chamber acts as an important node for ushering a long lasting partnership between foreign and
Indian businesses. Its Initiative to enthuse overseas Indians to explore business opportunities in their
homeland is rapidly gaining momentum. The Chamber plans, every year, a host of events. .