Online Interactive Session 'Innovate , Integrate, Motivate - Leadership Mantra 2021'

Date & Time:
March 10, 4.00 Pm To 5.30 Pm
Add to Calendar 10-03-2021 Asia/Kolkata
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Online - Zoom
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Entrepreneurial leadership is becoming increasingly important in ensuring that organizations adapt quickly to the changes in the fast moving global ec...onomy. Leadership is a difficult balancing act in ensuring that entrepreneurs work closely with their staff whilst maintaining the leadership role. The authority of entrepreneurial leaders does not come from their position but from expertise and values.
Leadership skills can mean the difference between average and successful entrepreneurs. Better leadership can improve the organization's bottom line. There is a connection between leadership and employee engagement which impacts the results and growth of an organization. It is important for entrepreneurial leaders to know how to achieve success in tangible as well as intangible ways, how to deal with failures, how to set a work climate and get actively involved in identifying and developing new ideas etc.
IMC’s Navi Mumbai Expert Committee along with our ecosystem partner D Y Patil University - School of Management, Navi Mumbai and Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration, Navi Mumbai have taken initiative to help entrepreneurs through various ways to bolster their growth. The objective is to promote Navi Mumbai as a commercial hub for entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs to understand various schemes and facilities made available by the Government in Navi Mumbai and facilitate their growth.
We invite you to participate in the online Interactive session focusing on role of leadership skills in the success of entrepreneurs.
The online interactive session will help you to know various aspects of entrepreneurial leadership and the importance of the leadership mantra Innovate, Integrate, and Motivate in the current scenario.

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Organizing Committee:

Navi Mumbai

Officer In Charge:

Nitin Bhapkar

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