Online Seminar on ‘Cotton Futures: Tool to Manage Price Risk and as Investment Avenue’

Date & Time:
September 8
400pm To 5:30pm

Add to Calendar 08-09-2021 Asia/Kolkata
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The world cotton market often faces volatile conditions as it is buffeted by diverse factors. Therefore, all the participants in the cotton value chai...n-primary producers, processors, industrial users, exporters, and traders - face price risk. Stakeholders have to secure themselves against price risk or adverse price movement for which they now have a scientifically tested mechanism called hedging that is the use of Futures contract.

Apart from price risk management, Cotton Futures contract can be used as an investment tool by those with risk appetite.

To create awareness and educate stakeholders and investors about the dynamics of the cotton market and benefits of futures trading, IMC Chamber of Commerce and industry jointly with BSE has organised an awareness program.

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Officer In Charge:

Anita Naik

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