Acing Communication and Public Speaking Skills for Networking

Date & Time:
January 22
3: 00 A.m. To 4: 00 P.m.

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Research suggests that Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking is a very common phobia and affects up to 75% of the population. It prevents severa...l individuals from being able to network effectively at events of various kinds.

A few tweaks and changes in perspective, will help you realize that public speaking and communication is of second nature to you. They are essential for networking of all kinds. In this session, a range of activities, viewpoints and techniques would will be highlighted that would help enable one to become a better communicator and be more confident public speaker speaking publicly while allowing one to network to the best of his/her abilities. Do Join to learn and upskill yourself!

About the Speaker : Mr. Anansh Prasad is the Founder and MD of SkillSphere Education - a pan Asia 21st century skill development organization associated with 2 lakh individuals and 400+ schools across Asia. It conducts a range of online and offline initiatives for the development of 21st century skills - especially in the areas of public speaking, quizzing and Model UNs. An alumnus of Cornell University, Anansh came back to India to pursue his dream of spreading 21st century skill development among school students. He has personally trained 20000+ students and adults since 2013, is a multiple time TEDx speaker, and public speaking coach for adults across the world.

Officer In Charge:

Anita Naik

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