Thought Leadership Series- Talk on ‘Happiness-centric Leadership’

Date & Time:
April 22
5:30 P.M. TO 6:30 P.M.

Add to Calendar 22-04-2022 Asia/Kolkata
The venue:
Babubhai Chinai Committee Room, 2nd Floor, IMC
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Event Description :

Address by Mr. Avinash Ananda, Leadership and Happiness Guru. He speaks on the mindsets and skill sets of next level leadership through a robust and p...ractical Meta Mind Alignment Framework™ which elaborates the first, best and next practices of the most highly impactful leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Avinash Ananda emphasizes the need to include Happiness as an integral part of the Leadership approach in today's uncertain and adversarial world. Wars are being fought at various levels in both the outer world and inner worlds of human beings all over the globe. These have to be countered with balanced and rational strategies to mimimize inner conflicts, to address the growing mental health challenges, and also minimize outer conflicts, ie between human beings, in relationships, both personal and professional. The leader of today and tomorrow needs to adopt certain qualities and practises to achieve and sustain this harmony.

These benchmarks of excellent leaders are gleaned by blending the timeless wisdom of the east and the latest global management principles of the west, and also from strategies to address real-life leadership challenges in today's dynamic and often stressful environments.

This engaging keynote speech focuses on Happiness-centric Leadership and managing minds, even remotely, while aligning personal and professional goals. Avinash reemphasizes the importance of values and a 360 degrees approach to motivate self and others to get consistent desired results.

Mr. Avinash Ananda uses a humorous, conversational and theatrical story-telling format to revisit some leadership theories and share key immediately execution able insights as take-aways.

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Anita Naik

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