Sustainable Agriculture: Rebuilding the Value Chain by Managing Price Risk

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November 15
4:30 TO 6:00 P.M.

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The growing demand for food, increasing wealth, urbanization, changing preferences and diets, along with the competition for land, water shortage and ...climate change have increased the focus on developing sustainable agriculture value chains. Therefore, there is an urgent need to streamline supply chains to optimize the food production cycle and cut waste at the retail and consumer level, and at the same time to develop win- win models for growers, exporters, importers, consumers and traders.

IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly with NCDEX IPFT is organising an online seminar focusing on rebuilding the value chain by managing price risk for sustainable agriculture.

The expert speakers would discuss what collective action could be taken by all stakeholders to rebuild the agricultural supply chain and in the process effectively manage price risks that arise out of market volatility.

Mr. Ankit Agarwal, ED, Amar Agarwal Foods Pvt Ltd
Ms. Prerna Sharma Singh, Founder, Indonomics Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Arun Yadav- Sr. VP, NCDEX
Mr. G Chandrashekhar, Economic Advisor, IMC ; Director IMC ERTF

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Officer In Charge:

Anita Naik

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