Online Series on Entrepreneurship ' How to Startup and then Scale-up?'

Date & Time:
January 20, 4.00 Pm To 5.30 Pm
Add to Calendar 20-01-2021 Asia/Kolkata
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Online - Zoom
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Entrepreneurship is viewed as change, generally entailing risk beyond what is normally encountered in starting a business, which may include other val...ues than simply economic ones. Entrepreneurs have the ability to translate inventions or technologies into products and services however, they face many issues and difficulties when it comes to scale-up.

Navi Mumbai, one of the largest planned cities of India is emerging as commercial hub for entrepreneurs to fulfil their most important needs in terms of Access to Markets, Human Capital and Access to funding. Availability of Education Institutes, Planned infrastructures, proximity to larger cities such as Mumbai and Pune, affordable rentals and availability of land and talent have encouraged many companies to set up their offices in Navi Mumbai.

IMC’s Navi Mumbai Expert Committee would like to take this opportunity to help entrepreneurs through various ways to bolster their growth. The objective is to promote Navi Mumbai as a commercial hub for Entrepreneurs, help Entrepreneurs to understand various schemes and facilities made available by the Government in Navi Mumbai and facilitate their growth.

We invite you to participate in the online Interactive session focusing on Start-ups and How to Scale up your business, to get key growth tips and get opportunity for networking.

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Additional information :
Organizing Committee:

Navi Mumbai
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jain
Mr. Thomas Varghese
Ms. Divya Momaya
Mr. Yogesh Mehta
Mr. Jayant Khadilkar
Mr. Ajit V. Patil
Mr. Vimal Swanshukha
Mr. Khushwant Jain
Mr. Kamlesh Shah
Capt Saroj Patro
Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal
Mr. Anil Goel
Ms. Somya Gupta
Cdr. K. K. Sharma
Ms. Swetapadma Mohanty
Mr. Girish Brahmbhatt
Mr. Govind Gupta
Mr. Bipin N Shah
Mr. Sharad kumar Devraj Maru
Mr. Haresh N Chedda
Mr. Pramod S. Shah
Dr. A K Sen Gupta
Mr. Jayant Ghate
Mr. Nitin Bhapkar

Officer In Charge:

Nitin Bhapkar

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