About F.E Dinshaw Commercial & Financial Reference Library

The F.E Dinshaw Commercial & Financial Reference Library was established in 1967, as part of the Diamond Jubliee Celebrations of the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The library was set up to perpetuate the memory of Shri. F.E Dinshaw, a leading industrialist who made a very valuable contribution to the development of steel and cement industries of India.

The Library provides selective and up-to-date source materials on major economic, commercial and other developments in India and abroad. These can be made available for reference, to the users who need such information who are not only the members of the IMC, but also to the business community, students and the public at large.

Institutional members of the IMC can utilise the library facilities free of charge. For others, library access is as per the applicable minimum library charges. In keeping with the major objective of the library, i.e. to function as a commercial reference library, it has a collection of books, journals, newspapers, reports, directories, pamphlets etc.

The library has been recently re-organized on modern lines, and has introduced computerization, to help users to find required information with speed and accuracy.

Features of the Library:-

  • Air-conditioned Library
  • Comfortable Seating Arrangement
  • Reference Library having 5,000Books on International Trade, Banking, Finance, Economics, Law etc.
  • Collection of Directories - Indian and International
  • Collection of more than 200 CDs
  • Special collection of Books on Mumbai City
  • Collection on Handloom related books
  • Photocopying Facility
  • Library Facility open for all : IMC Members and Non- Members


List of new arrivals in the library:

Sr. No. Title of Book Author Publishing year Publisher
1. Reach for the stars : the story of Blue story Menka Shivdasani 2018 Blue Star Ltd.
2. Student's guide to income tax Dr. Vinod Singhania and Dr. Monica Singhania 2016 Taxmann
3. Maharashtra stamp act Sunil Dighe Not indicated Snow White Pub.
4. Macroeconomics Rudiger Dornbusch and Stanley Fischer 2004 Tata McGraw-Hill
5. Research methods for business : a skill-building approach Uma Sekaran and Roger Bougie 2010 John Wiley
6. Principles of economics N. Gregory Mankiw 2012 Cengage Learning
7. Management control systems Robert Anthony and Vijay Govindrajan 2016 McGraw-Hill Education (India)
8. Economics Lipsey and Chrystal 2011 Oxford University Press
9. Macroeconomics Errol D'Souza 2008 Pearson Education
10. Marketing management B.K. Chatterjee 2012 Jaico Publishing
11. The life and times of Rao Bahadur Kilachand Devchand Information Company 2019 Information Company
12. Gandhi : my life is my message : a graphic novel Jason Quinn 2013 Kalyani Navyug Media
13. Keeping India safe : the dilemma of internal security Vappala Balachandran 2017 Harper Collins Publishers
14. A life in shadow : the secret story of CAN Nambiar Vappala Balachandran 2016 Roli books
15. National security and intelligence management : a new paradigm Vappala Balachandran 2014 Indus Source Books
16. Principles of corporate finance (global edition) Richard A. Brealey, S.C. Myers and Franklin Allen 2011 McGraw-Hill Pub.
17. Managerial accounting : an Asian perspective Ray Garrison, E.W. Noreen, P.C. Brewer, N.S. Cheng and K.C.K. Yuen 2012 McGraw-Hill Pub.
18. Economics for managers Paul G. Farnham 2010 Pearson Education
19. Corporate finance Stephen A. Ross, R.W. Westerfield and J. Jaffe 2010 McGraw-Hill Pub.
20. Strategic and competitive analysis Craig S. Fleisher and B.E. Bensoussan 2003 Pearson Education
21. Strategic management and business policy Thomas L. Wheelen and J. David Hunger 2012 Pearson Education
22. Understanding financial statements : a case-based approach Themin Suwardy 2010 Pearson Education
23. Financial accounting : international financial reporting standards Walter T. Harrison, Charles T. Horngren, C. William Thomas and T. Suwardy 2011 Pearson Education
24. Bankers' handbook on credit management Indian Institute of Banking and Finance 2014 Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
25. Theory and practice of treasury and risk management in banks Indian Institute of Banking and Finance 2012 Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
26. Corporate financial management (book - photocopy) Glen Arnold 2008 Pearson Education
27. Principles of corporate finance (book - photocopy) Richard A. Brealey and S.C. Meyers 1996 The McGraw-Hill
28. Kotler Keller :  marketing management (global edition) (book - photocopy) Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller 2012 Pearson Education
29. Operations management (sixth edition) (book - photocopy) Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers and Robert Johnston 2010 Pearson Education
30. Service operations management : improving service delivery (third edition) (book - photocopy) Robert Johnston and Graham Clark 2008 Pearson Education
31. e- Commerce (international edition) (book - photocopy) Jeffrey F. Rayport and Bernard J. Jaworski 2001 McGraw-Hill
32. Principles of marketing (10th edition) (International edition) (book - photocopy) Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong 2004 Pearson Education
33. Operations strategy (3rd edition) (book - photocopy) Nigel  Slack and Michael Lewis 2011 Pearson Education
34. Indian pharma reference guide 2017-2018 Kongposh Publishers 2018 Kongposh Publishers
35. The A.I. Typhoon : India's opportunity for job creation Vijay Mukhi 2018 Indus Source Books
36. Leaders eat last Simon Sinek 2017 Penguin Random House
37. Start with why Simon Sinek 2009 Portfolio Penguin
38. GST reference 2017-2018 The Goods and Services Tax Practitioner's Association of Maharashtra 2018 The Goods and Services Tax Practitioner's Association of Maharashtra
39. Military quotatios and humor in uniform Brig. Rajesh Anand and Lt. Col. Bhasker Gupta 2010 Brig. Rajesh Anand and Lt. Col. Bhaskar Gupta
40. Operation Blue Star the true story Lt.Gen.K.S. Brar 2012 UBS Publishers
41. Stay hungry stay foolish Rashmi Bansal 2008 IIM
42. It rained all night Buddhadeva Bose 2010 Penguin Books
43. India : the crucial years T.V. Rajeswar 2015 Harper Collins Publishers
44. Corporate Karmayogi Krishnapal Champawat 2013 Krishnapal Champawat
45. The best speaking tree volume 1 The Times of India 2005 BCCL
46. Devil's advocate : the untold story Karan Thapar 2018 Harper Collins Publishers
47. Newsman : tracking India in the Modi era Rajdeep Sardesai 2018 Rupa Publishers
48. Kashmir : the Vajpayee years A.S. Dulat 2015 Harper Collins Publishers
49. Healers or predators? : healthcare corruption in India Sanjay Nagral, editor ,Samiran Nundy, editor and Keshav Desiraju, editor 2018 Oxford University Press
50. God save the Hon'ble Supreme court and other opinions Fali Nariman 2018 Hay House publishers
51. India moving : a history of migration Chinmay Tumbe 2018 Penguin Viking
52. 21 lessons for 21st century Yuval Noah Harari 2018 Jonathan Cape
53. The republic of beliefs : a new approach to law and economics Kaushik Basu 2018 Princeton University Press
54. Waste of nation : garbage and growth in India Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey 2018 Harvard University Press
55. My life's journey : an autobiography Janakidevi Bajaj 2019 Jaico Publishing
56. The made in India manager Gopalakrishnan R. and Ranjan Banerjee 2018 Hachette Book Publishing
57. The code Mukta Mahajani 2019 Jaico Publishing

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