IMC - Economic Research & Training Foundation

The IMC Economic Research Training Foundation (IMC-ERTF) is an independent research and training institution founded by IMC in 1959 to promote applied economic research and skill dissemination through training programs. ERTF has been functioning asan institution for research for carrying out a range of in-house and sponsored studies to guide public policy, organizing training programs and discussion on topical / contemporary issues.

  • Research Projects and Studies: ERTF has undertaken several sector-specific research activities including on Handloom sector, SMEs, Water, Renewable energy, Education and so on;
  • Panel Discussions: From time to time, ERTF organizes brainstorming sessions and provides a platform for domain experts to channelize innovative ideas on topical issues of the economy. Recommendations that flow from these discussions are shared with policymakers;
  • Training Programs: To foster skill development and knowledge dissemination, ERTF undertakes awareness, education and practical training programs / workshops for different sectors.

Over the last several years, ERTF has undertaken a number of studies at the behest of domestic and international institutions such as UNCTAD, UNIDO and NABARD. ERTF also provides knowledge papers for conferences and prepares 'Summary of Conference Proceedings' as a post-conference follow-up publication.

In recent years, IMC-ERTF has been focusing on agriculture, agribusiness and commodity markets, apart from other sectors. Several training, education and awareness programs on commodity markets are being organized regularly. Additionally, ERTF conducts commodity market training and awareness programs on behalf of IMC which has been recognized by SEBI as a training institution for commodity derivatives.

IMC-ERTF welcomes opportunities to conduct sponsored research as also training programs for corporates, SMEs, investors and other stakeholders.

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