GeNext Espresso - Series 2

Date & Time:
April 8
4:30 PM

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Day: Thursday
Time: 4:30pm
Through Video on Zoom
A new generation has come of age, shaped by an unprecedented revolution in technology and are now taking their place in a world where the only constant is rapid change. The next generation often wonders whether they should build their entrepreneurial ventures within the legacy business or outside.

These entrepreneurs have been following their own pathway as they believe in doing something that is different as well as exciting for them with the vision to accomplish their goals with zeal.

Let’s meet the GeNext who have dynamic and invigorating entrepreneurs’ ventures, our panellist will share their own experiences and how they have charted their journey so far:

Ms. Bhavika Shah- Founder, Beyondesign (Sector – Branding)
Ms. Merzia Maskati - Founder & Clinical Director, Speech Dysphagia Language Clinic (Sector - Healthcare)
Ms. Pooja Doshi -Managing Director, Elusive Dreams- Luxury Wedding Dècor (Sector- Wedding Industry)
Ms. Suruchi Jain - Managing Director & Founder, Opportune Wealth Advisors Private Limited (Sector – Equity Markets and Financial Planning)
Ms. Tej Barde - Project Manager, Arcadis LLP (Sector - Built Asset Industry)
The panel discussion will be moderated by Ms. Samira Shah and CA. Sudha Bhushan.

All GeNext participants are either members of IMC Ladies' Wing or daughter or daughter in law of the members.

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WhatsApp - +91 -9820995375 /+91 9920065024

Organised by

Ms. Anuja Mittal
President Ms. Nishreen Khorakiwala
Vice President
Business Environment Committee

Ms. Neela Parikh
Chairperson Ms. Sudha Bhushan
Advisory - Ms. Amita Haribhakti, Ms. Bharti Gandhi and Ms. Radhika Nath

Members - Ms. Gayatri Nair Lobo, CA Pushpa Shah, Ms. Radhika Haribhakti, Ms. Samira Shah, Ms. Shylaja Nair

Additional information :
Organizing Committee:

LW- Business Environment Committee

Officer In Charge:

Mithila Akre

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