Enchanting Ethiopia

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July 7
03:30 PM

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Ethiopia is the “Land of Thirteen Months”. It’s a magical country with ancient and spiritual roots, rich in significant religious history and th...at has a fabulous story to tell. The beauty of wild mountains is only surpassed by the awe-inspiring religious architecture that draws visitors to this amazing country. It’s where legends of the Ark of the Covenant live side by side and in harmony with ancient Islamic mosques. From thundering waterfalls to its vibrant and modern capital city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is a place you have to see to believe.

The best and most incredible places to visit in Ethiopia are Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, The Holy City of Harar, Addis Ababa, Danakil Depression, Blue Nile Falls, Gondar, Aksum, etc.

Ms. Tigist Eshetu, Regional Director India Sub Continent - Ethiopian Airlines will take you on a virtual journey to Ethiopia, a destination for travellers with an inquisitiveness and a love of exceptional landscapes.

The event will be held in association with Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopian Holidays.

Registration e-link:- https://www.imcnet.org/events-1246

Email - ladieswing@imcnet.org
WhatsApp - +91 -9820995375 /+91 9920065024

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Ms. Anuja Mittal Ms. Nishreen Khorakiwala
President President -Elect

Travel & Excursion Committee

Ms. Neela Parikh Ms. Rajeshri Mirani
Chairperson Co-Chairperson

Advisory – Dr. Smita Dandekar, Ms. Arti Sanghi
Members – Ms. Natasha Mehta, Ms. Rekha Tanna, Ms. Smita Sanghvi

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Mithila Akre

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