Talk on Happiness by Ms. Jaya Row

Date & Time:
October 4
3.30 PM

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Every living being is in the pursuit of happiness. However, very few of us achieve it. This is because life is misleading. That which gives instant jo...y leads to sorrow in the end and that which appears painful in the beginning gives happiness in the long run.

Vedanta gives a unique formula for happiness by which we can gain bliss both in the immediate present as well as in the long term. It prescribes methods by which we can attain happiness at every level of our personality - sensual, emotional, and intellectual as well as spiritual.

Ms. Jaya Row is one of the world’s most influential speakers on Indian philosophy, Vedanta. She's a well-loved spiritual leader whose expositions on Vedanta touch the mind and uplift the intellect. Blessed with a global vision and unparalleled knowledge of the scriptures, Ms. Row has the incredible ability to reach out to individuals of all nationalities, sects and faiths.

Ms. Row will provide simple solutions to the everyday problems that Millennials and Zoomers face.

The session will be moderated by Ms. Reena Rupani – Member, Executive Committee - IMC Ladies' Wing.

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Organizing Committee:

Ladies Wing of IMC

Officer In Charge:

Zarine Sanjana

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