Your Gut - The Second Brain

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November 16
3.30 PM

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Let food be the medicine and not medicine be the food. Most diseases begin in the gut. Gut health plays a vital role in helping prevent infections and... diseases.

Ms. Payal Kothari is a clinical Integrated Nutritionist and Gut Health Coach and the Author of the book “The Gut”. She has written and spoken extensively on this subject nationally and internationally and helped a large number of people improve their health & well-being.

Ms. Kothari will enlighten us on how the gut affects us and ways to improve our gut health; thus enhancing our health and well-being.

The session will be followed by a cooking demonstration on healthy; gut friendly dishes by well-known Chef Harsh Shodhan which will be very useful post our festival bingeing.

Chef Harsh Shodhan is a well-known Chef and Founder of “The Gourmet Kitchen & Studio”, an all vegetarian high-end gourmet food catering business which includes catering, food consultancy and running a delivery kitchen.

So let’s take our health and wellness back in our own hands via the gut, your second brain!

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LW- Wellness & Wellbeing Committee

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Mithila Akre

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