Online Panel Discussion on ' Happiness at Workplace'

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November 29
04:00 Pm To 05.30 Pm

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Employees are a company's most valuable asset. This fact has been underlined even more strongly since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Knowing of the pos...itive correlation between wellness and productivity, companies are placing even more emphasis than before on the mental & social well-being of their employees. Although the pandemic has led to people spending more time at home with their families, the duration and the quality of “me time” and “family time” have been adversely affected owing to the blurring of boundaries between personal and professional life. It is therefore necessary for organizations to create a new-age work culture that restores work-life balance and helps them care for their employees even beyond work.

The construct of happiness at work is yet to be recognized as a core concept in management practice. The sudden impact of COVID- 19 pandemic on the world has presented the opportunity to relook and refine workplace happiness.

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Nitin Bhapkar

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