Workshop on the Role of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Date & Time:
May 23, 10:30 Am To 5:30 Pm
The venue:
IMC Churchgate
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Event Description :

With intent to make the participants understand the one of the biggest economic reforms adopted by India, the introduction of Insolvency and Bankruptc...y Code 2016, its salient features and its implication, IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organized a “Workshop on The Role of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code”.

The objective of the workshop is to:
• Understand Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016
• Understand insolvency and liquidation process
• Understand how to use the law to safeguard company interest.

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Additional information :
Officer In Charge:

Ila Pathak Jha


Organizing Committee:

Education & Skill Development

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IMC Members

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*(Fees are inclusive of 18% GST)

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