Seminar on 'Commodities as India’s Building Blocks’.

Date & Time:
January 27, 4.00 Pm To 6.30pm
The venue:
Rotary Club of Sangli, Ganesh Nagar, Sangli, Maharashtra 416416
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Event Description :

In the coming years, India's economic growth will be significantly driven by commodity production, processing, consumption and trade. By their very na...ture, commodity markets are volatile. Therefore it is necessary for producers, FPO’s, processors, industrial consumers, exporters and importers of commodities to manage their price risks through hedging which is an insurance against adverse price movement. To advance this idea IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing a Seminar on "Commodities as India’s Building Blocks’.

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Officer In Charge:

Anita Naik

Event Gallery

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