Real Smart Cities post Covid 19 pandemic – few thoughts

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May 2, 4 Pm To 5.30pm
Add to Calendar 02-05-2020 Asia/Kolkata Real Smart Cities post Covid 19 pandemic – few thoughts Video Conferencing
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Video Conferencing
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In the light of Covid 19 developments both in India and globally, it is but imperative that planners start to think to build Integrated company tow...nships, which are tuned to Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation and thereby make townships more Disaster Risk Resilient. Business-As-Usual can continue only in those towns which can quarantine itself from external calamity & contagion. A cluster of industries or a single company, barring the extractive industries, can be placed within a complex which has residential accommodation, commercial and institutional sector and which can also cater to the needs of surrounding areas, & thus earn revenue for O&M of the estate.

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Officer In Charge:

Abhinav Chopra


Organizing Committee:

Mr. Anant Singhania
Mr. Dinesh Joshi
Mr. Siddharth K. Desai

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