Online Conference 'Technical Textile - The Future of Indian Textile Industry'

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January 27, 2.00 Pm To 6.00 Pm
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Textile sector is one of the oldest industries in India having huge potential to generate employment and boost exports. One area of the textile sector... that has gained significance across the world is technical textiles, more so during the corona virus outbreak. India’s journey in a short time from importer country to self-sufficiency and to exporter country of PPE Kits exhibited India’s capacity of becoming a world leader in manufacturing of technical textile. The significant decrease in overall trade deficit in this sector in recent year has indicated that technical textile in India has ability to tap global markets. But to achieve that possible goal, the country is required to take proactive approach towards creating capacities, expanding the existing market, promoting usage of technical textiles and increasing awareness among the citizens and institutions in the country.

The sector is dominated largely by MSMEs and the right thrust in policies and incentives can position India as a global leader in production, consumption and a major exporter of technical textiles and capture significant chunk of USD 220 billion the technical textiles global market expected to reach by 2022.

The virtual conference “ Technical Textile – The Future of Indian Textile Industry ” is an initiative towards bringing together leading experts in the field of technical textiles and deliberate on what the industry and the government could do to realise the immense potential that exists in manufacturing and export of technical textile, particularly focused in areas of medicine, sports and geo textile. The purpose is also to generate awareness about the technical textiles which is very low in the country.

Chief Guest: Smt. Smriti Irani, Hon’ble Union Minister of Textiles, Women and Child Development, Government of India.

The virtual conference will broadly cover following sessions:
Session – I : Inaugural Session
Session – II : Panel Discussion on Meditech (Medical Textile)
Session – III : Panel Discussion on Geotech (Geo Textile)
Session – IV : Panel Discussion on Sportech (Sports Textile)

The panels will feature eminent experts from Industry, government leaders, business owners, business leaders of national and International stature.

The highlight of the conference will be telecast post-conference on our channel partner so that discussions reach wider audience apart from more than 200 delegates expected to attend the virtual conference. The delegates would include leading CEOs, CFOs, owners, diplomats, bankers, policy makers, MSMEs, Trade Associations, among others.

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Organizing Committee:

Industry & Trade
Mr. Anant Singhania
Mr. Dhiraj Mehra
Mr. Siddharth K. Desai
Mr. Manoj Patodia
Mr. Bhaskar Som
Mr. Shankar Jadhav
Mr. Shashin Shah
Mr. Saurabh Shah
Mr. Bipin Shah
Mr. Harjiv Swani
Mr. Aditya Newalkar
Mr. Suraj Dalwani
Mr. Ramakrishnan Ramamurthi
Mr. Alok Saboo
Mr. Sanjay Goenka
Mr. Deepak Bubna
Mr. Pannkaj Dujodhwala
Dr. Tulsi Jaykumar
Mr. Rajiv Deora
Mr. Raj Modi
Mr. Murad Fatehally
Mr. Chintan Gandhi
Mr. Anuj Poddar
Mr. Dhruv Kapur
Mr. Kuldeep Jain
Mr. Dilip Dandekar
Mr. Nayan Patel
Mr. Dinesh Joshi
Mr M K Chouhan
Mr. Atul Joshi
Mr. R K Jain
Adv. Sundeep Puri
Mr. Mark S. Fernandes
Mr Vinayak Jadhav
Mr Sourabh Lodha
Mr Kedar Kapilkumar Chaudhari
Mr. Nitin Bhapkar

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Nitin Bhapkar

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