WILL - Your Legacy...Gifting peace of mind

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May 22
4:00 PM

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Each day we spend a lot of time prioritizing our daily activities. And there are a lot of boxes to tick in that sheet!!

Continuing the... 'legacy' of the last session and on popular demand the Legal Committee of IMC Ladies' Wing brings to you information about a “Legal Miracle” ... the one thing that allows us to control the way our property can be dealt with even after death has winged our souls away to La La Land!

Eminent legal luminaries Justice J.R. Midha and Senior Lawyers - Mr. Kaiwan Kalyaniwalla and Mr. Sharan Jagtiani will share their expertise and guide us through the nuances of this “Legal Miracle” ... of making a WILL!

Hon'ble Mr. Justice J. R. Midha is an additional Judge of Delhi High Court and permanent Judge of that Court. He was also the Standing Counsel (Civil) of Govt. of NCT of Delhi before the High Court of Delhi.

Mr. Kaiwan Kalyaniwalla is a Solicitor and Advocate of the Bombay High Court and a partner of Maneksha & Sethna, a law firm based in Mumbai.

Mr. Sharan Jagtiani is a Senior Advocate at Bombay High Court and he owns a Chambers since January, 2014.

So, do tune in on ... to understand the Who? What? When? and How? of making a Will that endures the test of time and legal challenges... and tick that most important box on your Priority sheet of daily activities! After all, your legacy must fall into the right hands !

Email - ladieswing@imcnet.org
WhatsApp - +91 9820995375 / +91 9920065024

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Mithila Akre

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