Webinar on Landscape of Cryptocurrencies in India

Date & Time:
November 26
5.00 Pm To 7.00 Pm

Add to Calendar 26-11-2021 Asia/Kolkata
The venue:
Online Zoom Platform
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Event Description :

Webinar on Landscape of Cryptocurrencies in India.

webinar aimed at creating awareness and covering legal aspects about cryptocurrencie...s in India.
It will be beneficial to businesses, investors, professionals and public at large.

Additional information :

Organizing Committee:

Mr. Anand Desai
Ms. Komal Nitin Joshi
Ms. Poorvi Chothani
Mr. Raj Ramesh Panchmatia
Mr. Zerick Hosi Dastur
Mr. Hinesh R. Doshi
Mr. Jamshed Mistry
Ms. Bhavika Gohil
Mr. Swapnil Kothari
Mr. Jatin Pore
Mr. Saurabh Shah
Mr. Vismay Shroff
Mr. Kishu Daswani
Mr. Satyan Israni
Ms. Radhika Pereira
Mr. Amber Gupta
Ms. Nupur Malde
Mr. Sujeet Jain
Ms. Shikha Mehra
Ms. Sia Wagle

Officer In Charge:

Sia Wagle

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